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We’re average golfers. OK maybe below-average golfers at times. But we love to golf! The fresh air, the challenge that is only between you and that little white ball...we just can’t get enough. And sometimes we take a cart (because some courses are precariously built on the sides of mountains) but mostly, we walk the round.

Like most of you, we didn’t always default to walking. As we were introduced to golf through family and friends, we typically did what they did - took a cart. It was only as we found those friends who chose to walk the course that we even attempted it at first. But quickly it became our de facto way to play. Just grab your clubs and let’s go!

The average golfer walks 3 to 6 miles during an 18-hole round of golf, depending on the length of the course. (And how much wandering you do in search of lost balls.)

As we began to walk regularly, we were surprised to see how many golfers default to riding in a cart like we did. Why? Is it because that’s just what seems the normal thing to do? Do you think walking is going to tire you out? Maybe you don’t have the right shoes? 


We’re here to make walking the golf course un-intimidating. We want to celebrate the courses that make walking easy, and even those that make it a challenge. The point is to arm you with the information and confidence you need to lace up your shoes and hit the fairway. 


This website is currently in development, but will soon share course reviews, tips, stories, product suggestions and other resources to help celebrate the enjoyment of walking the golf course. Have suggestions? Want to help with a couple course reviews? Fill out the form below and let us know!


Who are these average golfers who think this is a great idea? We are Paul and Amanda. Two people who share a love for a game they aren’t particularly good at. But hey, we’re trying to improve. Paul’s taking lessons (again) this year, and Amanda is in a weekly league. So hopefully their respective handicaps will see improvement soon.


We live in Massachusetts, so expect to build out New England course info first between our efforts and the help of our golfing friends and family (you know who you are - consider yourself asked!). But we’d love to make this a national resource to have reviews for courses all over the country. We travel. With clubs. So we’d love to make it easy to find a walking-friendly course anywhere for those who hit the road.


“I got into golf initially to prove a point to the men at work. Tired of always being excluded from the golf outing invite, I finally decided to just grab some clubs and give the game a try. I basically invited myself to the first couple office outings. Obviously it was embarrassingly bad in the beginning. But I’d be damned if I were going to miss out on these opportunities. So with some lessons and some very patient family and friends, I slowly became respectable enough to be able to show my face with ease at corporate events.”


"It’s Amanda’s fault that I’m into golf. I had wanted to get into the game for years, but it wasn’t until I met Amanda and realized that she spent a lot of her free time in the summer on the course. I realized if I wanted to spend time with her, I better figure out the game. Since then, I may have become slightly more obsessed with golf than she is. I love early morning rounds, and will sneak in 9 mid-day anytime I can. I welcome you to join us!"



Exclusive. Pretentious. Competitive. This is not the site to come to if you’re looking for advanced analysis of course architecture, or a philosophical debate as to whether a Donald Ross designed course is better than a Jack Nicklaus designed course. There are plenty of sites that discuss those things - way better than we ever could - and we’ll be happy to share them here. But we’re not trying to be something we’re not.


If you love golf, wish you could play more, and like the idea of experiencing the game on your own two feet, then join us. Join us even if you drive the course sometimes! (So do we.) Subscribe to get updates and course reviews (when available). And if you’re really into the mission - then contribute a course review (or a few!). 


Don’t be shy! Get in touch to share your thoughts, ideas, suggestions - whatever comes to mind! We want to build a website and community that’s valuable to you, so let us know what you need.


And if you’re in the central MA area and looking for a walking buddy - hit us up! :-) 

Have questions? Thoughts? Suggestions? Let us know!

Thanks for your interest in Walking Golfers!

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