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You Don't Have to be Good at Golf to Walk

Hi! Welcome to Walking Golfers. My name is Paul and I should start off by telling you that I am not a very good golfer. In fact, I would be normally called a Hack, but I’m not quite that good. Amanda (I will let Amanda make her own introduction) introduced me to golf about 2.5 years ago and I have become hooked. I enjoy the personal challenge and it’s a great activity we can share. Walking Golfers is our attempt to build a community of what we have learned golf was originally intended to be – a means of enjoying nature and maintaining fitness as well as leisure. From my point, my plan is to share with you my reviews of golf products and courses we have played. We will rate the courses on a specific set of metrics which will be specific to the amenities offered on the course as well as the difficulty in walking the course, from hills to length and the layout of paths.

For me personally I have found I really enjoy walking 9 holes in the morning to start my day. I have my personal favorite courses which I will share, but there is just something about being out at 5:30 on the course as one of the first players out on the course. It is always nice to be able to play at your own pace whether that is fast or slow and enjoy the challenges of the game as well as whatever the challenges of the particular course you are playing. It allows me to re-center myself and think about the elements of my job or life that are bothering me and usually after nine I have solved most of my issues. Additionally, if I am feeling like I need more exercise I can push my pace and try to finish faster. (Works really well when it’s a little cold).

So, enjoy our site! Come on in and become a member, or better yet a contributor and make our site better and help us a create a Community across the country of people who are addicted to Walking Golf.

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